When it’s okay to use a hamburger menu

Hamburger menus, love em’ or hate em’. A lot has been said on the web about them already but sometimes I still get questions about when or if it’s appropriate to use them so I thought I would share my thoughts. I’ll try to be succinct.

While there are limitations to using a hamburger menu, in certain situations it may be appropriate to use them.

For example, if users browsing the app are moving around a lot and doing a lot of different activities then a hamburger is not a good solution since it hides the potential options instead of showing the what’s available.

On the other hand, if the user is deeply engaged in a single task like reading than having menu structures visible at all times may be too invasive or even distracting, which makes a hamburger menu or other menu-hiding component worth considering.

This is by no means an absolute blueprint to follow but hopefully these thoughts will help you establish a better approach to using these or avoiding these menus in the future. Thanks for reading.