3 time-saving tips in Sketch

I remember taking a course on learning illustrator in the early 2000’s and the instructor saying “learn your keyboard shortcuts and you can do twice as much in half the time.”

I think he was spot on and as you can see, that lesson has stuck with me. Who doesn’t like saving time when they design? However, keyboard shortcuts and other hacks can take time to learn and are often brushed aside because of the time investment required. My proposal is that when you invest a little bit of time to learn a few shortcuts the return on investment is huge, especially when compounded over time. With that said, here are a few of my favorite time-saving tips to help you save time in Sketch. I hope you enjoy them.



1. Sketch Relabel Button
There are a few other plugins available to create buttons that resize automatically in Sketch but this one wins for me. It’s simple to use, includes keyboard shortcuts and you can specify the origin point that your button resizes from (left or right). Install this plugin by searching “Sketch Relabel Button” in Sketch Toolbox or download it from Github.



2. Align layers with keyboard shortcuts
If you find yourself aligning objects often adding these keyboard shortcuts to your keyboard system preferences will save you a ton of time. It’s well worth the 2 minutes to set this up. Watch the video below to see how I’ve up set mine.



3. Rename layers
Layers, groups and art board names can easily get messy in Sketch. For example, if you create a button by combining text and a shape and then group it you’ll get something like “Rectangle 10 + Next” as the name. This group alone doesn’t take too much time to rename but if you have several elements like this your file can get fairly unorganized. Use this plugin to save a lot of time by batch renaming elements in your design. Install this plugin by searching “Rename Layers” in Sketch Toolbox or download it from Github.



Bonus – Zeplin
I have used Sketch measure in the past to create specifications but recently I started using Zeplin while it was in Beta. Now Zeplin has officially launched and includes assets as well. I won’t go on too much about how great Zeplin is but suffice it to say that it has saved me and many other designers a substantial amount of time. Learn more about Zeplin here.


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